Sarah Allard
Sarah Allard is an English major nearing twenty at Framingham State College in Framingham, Massachusetts. She enjoys rain, sugary iced coffee, and time spent with her dog, Gretta.

Paul Beckman
Paul Beckman's work has appeared in The Connecticut Review, The Artful Mind, The Writer's Voice, Playboy, 5 Trope, Other Voices, Northeast Magazine, Parting Gifts, Verve, Web Del Sol, Jewish Currents, Tight, Riverbabble, and Sugar Mule.

Sandi Blakemore-Baig

Sandi Blakemore-Baig has been writing poetry for over twenty years. She has been published in a number of literary journals and magazines many years ago, but she stopped submitting work for publication until just recently in order to devote her time to raising her son. She has three poems forthcoming in Amaze: The Cinquain Journal.

Bob Bradshaw
Bob Bradshaw is a programmer living in Redwood City, CA.  Previous work of his has appeared at Stirring, Slow Trains, Paumanok Review, Lily and Poetry Niederngasse, among other publications.

Marcel Brouwers

Marcel Brouwers is completing a PhD in English/ Creative Writing at Western Michigan University.  He has had poems published in Poetry Midwest, Concrete Wolf, The Oklahoma Review, and others.

Enriqueta Carrington
Enriqueta Carrington received her B.Sc. and M.A. degrees from the National  University of Mexico and her  Ph.D. from Rutgers University, where she is now an associate professor. She is the editor and  translator of  Treasury of Mexican  Love Poems, Quotations & Proverbs  (Hippocrene  Books,  2003).  Her prose poem "To Those  Who Have  Disappeared" was recently included in Pedestal Magazine.

Chris Casuccio
Chris Casuccio was born and raised in Thornhill, Ontario.  After spending the past three years writing in Europe, Chris is now living in a small apartment on Dovercourt Road finishing his first collection of poetry three weeks with the sister.  Chris has been published in Grain, Prairie Journal, VOiCE, Indefinite Space, and Jones Av.

Michael Ceraolo
Michael Ceraolo is a 'fortysomething' civil servant/poet trying to overcome a middle class upbringing.  Recent or forthcoming books include Cleveland Haiku (Green Panda Press) and Euclid Creek:  A Journey (Deep Cleveland Press).

C.E. Chaffin
C. E. Chaffin edits the Melic Review, and teaches a one-on-one intensive online poetry tutorial for a fee. Widely published in web and print, he has two books to his credit—both unfortunately out of print. His work was most recently featured at Tryst. Meanwhile he continues his essays on T. S. Eliot at Melic. He has four kids, a grandkid, a dog, a turtle, lots of plants, and a beautiful wife—also his editor, Kathleen Chaffin. C.E. may be reached at

Catherine Daly
Catherine Daly is the author of two books, DaDaDa (Salt Publishing, 2003) and Locket (Tupelo Press, 2004).

Katherine Davis
Previously, Katherine Davis' poetry has appeared in CutBank and Weber Studies: Voices and Viewpoints of the Contemporary West. A former English teacher in Pocatello, Idaho, she is currently employed as a writer and editor for the Government Accountability Office in Washington, D.C.

Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson lives, writes and teaches in Antigonish, Canada . She has published several academic articles in the field of adult education, which is the area of her academic specialty. Apart from publishing a few poems in a college literary journal when she was an undergraduate, too many year ago to mention, Plum Ruby Review is her public venture into more literary genres.

Maxwell Dinkman
Maxwell Dinkman is a writer from Davenport, IA. His work has been published in With the Three-Legged Cat (1 and 2) and Again! With the Three-Legged Cat. His piece "Serendipity or Something Like It" was published in the April/May 04 issue of Plum Ruby Review. Max is a starving artist so anyone out there who would like to buy a story please send inquiries to

Margarita Engle
Margarita Engle is a botanist and the Cuban-American author of Singing to Cuba (Arte Publico Press) and Skywriting, a novel of Cuba (Bantam). Shorter works appear in a wide variety of journals, such as Atlanta Review, California Quarterly, and The Caribbean Writer. Awards include a Cintas Fellowship and a San Diego Book Award. Books pending publication include a young adult novel-in-verse (Henry Holt & Co.), and a collection of poems for children (Elin Grace Publ.). Margarita lives in central California , where she enjoys hiking and helping her husband with his volunteer work for a wilderness search-and-rescue dog training program.

Michael Estabrook
Mike Estabrook tells Plum Ruby Review that he's "A medievalist at heart (and by training) disappointed (though reconciled) with the modern world, particularly with the materialism and mercantilism bludgeoning life, smashing our brains into the ground, our hearts into dust. I'm still hoping to find a true and meaningful “cause” in life, other than scratching out my pale poetic murmurings like trying to write in hardened concrete. But I need to find my “cause” pretty soon before I turn to dust myself."

liz gonzález
liz gonzález's poetry, memoirs and fiction have been published in numerous publications, including Heliotrope, Comet , So Luminous the Wildflowers: An Anthology of California Poets , Cider Press Review , Luna , Brújula<>Compass, New Delta Review , Spillway , and The San Francisco Chronicle , and is forthcoming in Women on the Edge , an anthology of fiction by L.A. women writers. Beneath Bone , a volume of her poetry, was published by Manifest Press in 2000.

John Gorman
John Gorman's work has appeared in The Glendale Register, Art and Mind, Thunder Sandwich, Olivetree Review, East of the Web and elsewhere. His screenplay "For the Love of Auntie" won at the NY International Indie Film and Video Festival.

Adithya Hassan

Adithya R Hassan is currently pursuing his MBA at Georgia State University, Atlanta. Some of his poems have been published in Small Spiral Notebook and Savoy Mag.

Julia Istomina
Julia Istomina was born in Russia and moved to the United States in 1990. She explores a variety of themes including her hybrid cultural experience within her poetry, which has appeared in various online and hard-copy journals. She is moving to New York to attend the New School Graduate Writing Program and hopes it will open new avenues for her work as well as uncover other creative minds.

Sheema Kalbasi
Sheema Kalbasi is a human rights activist, a poet, and translator.  She is the Director of Dialogue of Nations Through Poetry in Translation, Director of Poetry of Iranian Women, Associate Director of the Other Voices International Project, and Poetry Editor for the Muse Apprentice Guild. For more on her please see

Kevin P. Keating
Kevin P. Keating is a native of Cleveland, Ohio where he worked as a boilermaker, a bookie's apprentice, a maintenance man, a landscaper and a painter.  In the evenings he went to graduate school, eventually earning an M.A. in English.  Now he teaches composition courses at Baldwin-Wallace College during the day and writes fiction, sometimes long into the night.  His short stories have appeared in many literary magazines, including Exquisite Corpse, Slow Trains, Fifth Street Review and The Oklahoma Review.

Toshiaki Komura
Toshiaki Komura received an MFA degree from Cornell University in 2002. After teaching introductory creative writing courses for two years at Cornell as a lecturer, he is presently working toward a Ph.D. in English Literature at University of Michigan, focusing on modern poetry and poetics.  His work has appeared or is accepted for publication in several literary journals (Ascent, Contemporary Rhyme, Offerings, Sycamore Review, The Same, The Storyteller, among others), and his awards include Corson-Bishop Prize (2002) and Alexander Laing Memorial Prize (1998).

Duane Locke
Duane Locke has a Ph.D. in English Renaissance literature, is a Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, and was Poet in Residence at the University of Tampa for over 20 years. He has over 5,000 poems published in print magazines, such as American Poetry Review, Nation, and Bitter Oleander. Since 1999 he has had over 3,000 poems published in e-zines. He has also penned 14 print books of poetry, and in 2002, added 3 e-books, The Squids Dark InkFrom a Tiny Room, and The Death of Daphne. He is also a painter, having many gallery exhibitions and as a photographer, has had over 184 photos in published e-zines, primarily of close-ups of trash tossed away in alleys. He lives in Lakeland, Fla.

Lyn Lifshin
Lyn Lifshin has written more than 100 books and edited 4 anthologies of women writers. Her poems have appeared in most poetry and literary magazines in the U.S.A. , and her work has been included in virtually every major anthology of recent writing by women. Lyn Lifshin has also taught poetry and prose writing for many years at universities, colleges and high schools, and has been Poet in Residence at the University of Rochester , Antioch , and Colorado Mountain College . She is a winner of numerous awards including the Jack Kerouac Award for her book Kiss The Skin Off. Lyn is also the subject of the documentary film Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass . Lyn Lifshin's recent prizewinning book (Paterson Poetry Award) Before It's Light was published Winter 1999-2000 by Black Sparrow Press, following their publication of Cold Comfort in 1997. Another Woman who Looks Like Me will be published by Black Sparrow-David Godine in 2005. Most recently, Texas Review Press has published her poems about the famous, short-lived, beautiful race horse, Ruffian: The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian. For interviews, more bio material, reviews, interviews, prose, samples of work and more, browse her website:

Robert Lunday
Robert Lunday has a Ph.D. from the University of Houston, 2002. He is a former Stegner and Fine Arts Work Center Fellow, father of one and has published one book so far: Mad Flights , Ashland Poetry Press, 2002. See his recent work in Artful Dodge; War, Literature, and the Arts; Chicago Review; and Small Spiral Notebook and Blue Moon Review. Visit him at (a memoir blog based on his stepfather's letters home from Vietnam; in the sub-genre of “Army Brat” lit), and the dormant but soon-reawakening , a poetics blog, as the name implies.

Inderjeet Mani
Inderjeet Mani's travelogues have appeared in the Reston Review, a travel anthology (forthcoming) and several newspapers. His fiction has been published in Nimrod (Finalist for the 2005 Katherine Anne Porter Prize), Wind (winner of the 2003 Short Fiction Prize), and several e-zines, including Word Riot, Kimera, and Poetry and Story. His scholarly publications include titles from MIT Press and Oxford. His website:

Ryan Masters
Ryan Masters' poetry has been published in a wide range of literary journals and anthologies including The Iowa Review, The Pedestal Magazine, California Quarterly, The Absinthe Literary Review, and Poetry Motel. A chapbook, below the low-water mark, is available from Pudding House Publications (2003). He is the editor of The Bathyspheric Review and The Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets (Chatoyant Press, 2004). Masters teaches writing at Cal State Monterey Bay and is a Staff Writer at The Monterey County Weekly.

Ran Meng
Ran Meng lives in Montreal, Canada and is a biochemistry major at McGill University where she is also working on a minor in English literature. Plum Ruby Review is her first publication.

Linda Downing Miller
Linda Downing Miller is a published journalist and writer of creative nonfiction and fiction.  Her essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and journals, including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent, and Scrivener's Pen.  She writes and lives in Oak Park, Illinois.

Daniel Nygard
Daniel Nygard lives in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA. He works in the 'General' or 'Food Service' industries, goes to college when he can afford  it, and is somewhat on his way to finishing a book of poetry called "City and Town Songs." His work has also appeared in Main Channel Voices.

Roger Pao
Roger Pao is a recent graduate of Duke University and currently lives in Cary, North Carolina. His poems have appeared in various publications, including The Allegheny Review, Concrete Wolf, Glass Tesseract, Gumball Poetry, The Independent Weekly, and Poetry Depth Quarterly.

Simon Perchik
Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, Poetry, Queen's Quarterly, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. Readers interested in learning more about him are invited to read Magic, Illusion and Other Realities at which site lists a complete bibliography.

Holly Pettit

Born on a SAC Base in the Pacific Northwest, raised in Alabama, Holly Pettit served as a Russian Linguist in Europe for the U.S. Army, graduated Harvard Divinity School, and worked for the homeless community in Boston. She now lives in New Hampshire. Holly attended the Creative Center of New York's Program for Art in Hospitals, and in 2003 served as Visiting Writer to Romania. She is Admissions Moderator of the online poetry workshop Zeugma. Her most recent poetry appears in Antietam Review, Borderlands, Comstock Review, Mississippi Review Online, Potomac Review, Texas Poetry Journal, and Xavier Review. Her full-length manuscript Pacifica was a finalist for the 2004 Prairie Schooner Book Prize.

Roger Pfingston
Roger Pfingston's work has appeared in Salt River Review, Poetry East, Adirondack Review, Poetry Midwest, Quarterly West, and other magazines. Two chapbooks appeared last year:  Earthbound from Pudding House Publications and Singing to the Garden from Parallel Press.

Megan Pinch
Megan Pinch is an artist working in photography, bookmaking, and digital imaging. Her images have been exhibited nationally and received numerous awards. She attended graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology and Visual Studies Workshop, where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree. For two years, Megan was a Visiting Professor in Worcester, MA at Holy Cross College, her undergraduate alma mater. She has just accepted a Tenure-Track Professorship in Photography at Texas Tech University's College of Mass Communications in Lubbock, TX, and will be moving there this summer. To view more of her artwork, please visit

Kenneth Pobo
Kenneth Pobo 's work can be found online at: , Three Candles , Tamafyhr Mountain Press , Southern Ocean Review , Drexel Online Journal , and elsewhere. His latest book, Introductions, is out from Pearl 's Book'Em Press in Atlanta.

Michael Riley
Michael Riley is an Australian poet. His poems have appeared, or are set to appear, in Blazevox, Going Down Swinging, Lily, The Muse Apprentice Guild, LiNQ, Tryst, Stylus Poetry Journal, Ink Mag, Social Alternatives and elsewhere.

Christopher Shelley
Chris Shelley has an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from NYU. His previous publications include the story "What Follows", which was short-listed for the 2004 Raymond Carver short story award and then appeared in Carve Magazine, and "Bang That Gavel!," which appeared in Apollo's Lyre. Chris' first novel, Off-Season, is being shopped around to publishers by his agent. Chris lives and works in Brooklyn. Readers may contact Chris at

Fraser Sutherland
Fraser Sutherland is a Canadian poet, editor, and lexicographer who's published 11 books, most recently Peace & War (poems, with Goran Simic).

Megan A. Volpert
Megan A. Volpert is a performance poet from Chicago currently tempting fate at graduate school in Baton Rouge. She prefers making art in response to art, and wouldn't know a scholarly academic journal article if it jumped up and bit her.

rob walker
rob walker is a teacher of music and drama who lives on a small farm in the hills near Adelaide, South Australia. Many of his poems have appeared online at Friendly Street, Stylus Poetry Journal, and Thylazine (AUS); NZPoetsOnline, evasion, and Southern Ocean Review (NZ); Limestone Magazine, and Snakeskin (UK), Sidereality, Tryst, Plum Ruby Review, nasty, Indie Journal, and The Oracular Tree (US) as well as some in traditional print form in Blue Dog and Another Universe (AUS), Comrades Print and UNO anthology (UK.) His first collection sparrow in an airport is published as part of Friendly Street's New Poets Ten (March 2005). He is a current editor of Friendly Street's Reader 30 to be launched at Writers' Week in 2006. To learn more about rob, please visit his website:




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