Holly Petitt

Concord Bridge , Route 3 South 

Heraclitus, I tell you I
would be grateful to step into any river
again, it being years since, I…and I
am so far from it now
even my complaint sounds false, 
though the water would show
it's me who's not the same.
Toes and green bottle glass,
bubbles, algae, gas --  I would take it all,
if I only knew
where the slick…slip,
where the low place is,
how to get down
into the water.

Born on a SAC Base in the Pacific Northwest, raised in Alabama, Holly Pettit served as a Russian Linguist in Europe for the U.S. Army, graduated Harvard Divinity School, and worked for the homeless community in Boston. She now lives in New Hampshire. Holly attended the Creative Center of New York's Program for Art in Hospitals, and in 2003 served as Visiting Writer to Romania. She is Admissions Moderator of the online poetry workshop Zeugma. Her most recent poetry appears in Antietam Review, Borderlands, Comstock Review, Mississippi Review Online, Potomac Review, Texas Poetry Journal, and Xavier Review. Her full-length manuscript Pacifica was a finalist for the 2004 Prairie Schooner Book Prize.




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