Megan Pinch's photographic translation of the book Mundus Subterraneous (which was published in 1665) conveys the sense of mystery that we the modern viewer might have towards an epic work of science as seen through the mind of a 15 th century scientist. Foggy and shrouded Pinch's photos reveal only parts of the book, as if to say that 21 st century viewers might have a particular notion of what passed for science in the 15 th century—a shrouded world of dragons and myth. Throughout the series the viewer is asked to fill in cloudy areas and make assumptions based on observations, not unlike Mundus author Athanasius Kircher, who helped make observation an everyday part of scientific exploration. Pinch supplies the viewer with bits of information, some of them familiar, some unfamiliar. We can draw our own conclusions or create our own hypothesis. Pinch's work supplies the riddles—it is up to the viewer to supply their own answers.

Featured Artist
: Megan Pinch




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