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Mundus Subterraneous
written by Athanasius Kircher

The first edition was published in 1665. It contains some of the earliest images and theories about geology and volcanology and other earthly and underground things. Despite some fantastical creatures and conclusions within the book, for the most part it's considered to be the first scientific book based on observation and facts rather than biblical interpretation, myths and legends.

Megan Pinch tells Plum Ruby:

"My father collects rare books on science and mineralogy, and this particular summer I was helping him make a bibliography of his library, when I came upon this very interesting book called Mundus Subterraneous. It was enormous- two volumes bound as one, and oversized. It was published in 1679, and is entirely in Latin. It contained everything scientific that was known about the world at the time—complete with illustrations of dragons, information on physiology, botany, evolution, and even the weather. I was fascinated by how much of the information was so far off from what we know now. I was also interested in how some of the illustrations stretched across two pages. I found out my father was selling this book, and decided I needed to spend the rest of the day shooting it."


Megan Pinch is an artist working in photography, bookmaking, and digital imaging. Her images have been exhibited nationally and received numerous awards. She attended graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology and Visual Studies Workshop, where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree. For two years, Megan was a Visiting Professor in Worcester, MA at Holy Cross College, her undergraduate alma mater. She has just accepted a Tenure-Track Professorship in Photography at Texas Tech University's College of Mass Communications in Lubbock, TX, and will be moving there this summer. To view more of her artwork, please visit www.meganpinch.com.


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