Duane Locke

Marianne's Diary 83

A sleeve, a diamond cuff-link,
Comes through the glass of my window.
The sleeve has no hand,
The arms are severed at the wrists.
But the shadows touch me,
The shadows of the missing fingers.

Duane Locke has a Ph.D. in English Renaissance literature, is a Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, and was Poet in Residence at the University of Tampa for over 20 years. He has over 5,000 poems published in print magazines, such as American Poetry Review, Nation, and Bitter Oleander. Since 1999 he has had over 3,000 poems published in e-zines. He has also penned 14 print books of poetry, and in 2002, added 3 e-books, The Squids Dark InkFrom a Tiny Room, and The Death of Daphne. He is also a painter, having many gallery exhibitions and as a photographer, has had over 184 photos in published e-zines, primarily of close-ups of trash tossed away in alleys. He lives in Lakeland, Fla.


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