rob walker


life's beach
we collect stones named hurt

we swallow these bitter lumps
or keep them in plastic shopping bags in the shed

like the seashells we never look at again
or hide them under a lake to

retrieve at our lowest ebb
and throw them at each other

rob walker is a teacher of music and drama who lives on a small farm in the hills near Adelaide, South Australia. Many of his poems have appeared online at Friendly Street, Stylus Poetry Journal, and Thylazine (AUS); NZPoetsOnline, evasion, and Southern Ocean Review (NZ); Limestone Magazine, and Snakeskin (UK), Sidereality, Tryst, Plum Ruby Review, nasty, Indie Journal, and The Oracular Tree (US) as well as some in traditional print form in Blue Dog and Another Universe (AUS), Comrades Print and UNO anthology (UK.) His first collection sparrow in an airport is published as part of Friendly Street's New Poets Ten (March 2005). He is a current editor of Friendly Street's Reader 30 to be launched at Writers' Week in 2006. To learn more about rob, please visit his website:


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