Kenneth Pobo

Extreme Makeovers

In the early 70s I put
my hand in the hand of a
hippy Jesus who minced about
in flowers, a heavenly Donovan
with sad-puppy eyes.

The 80s Jesus farted
discreetly, bought a good suit,
worked for a company, carried
a briefcase, and said money
made his daddy happy. 

The 90s Jesus reviled the poor,
fumed about gays
and lurid TV.  Currently,

Jesus says his FATHER 
is a Republican, and if you don't
like that, get fucked,
you won't enter our kingdom,
we'll see to that.  I miss

my silly hippy
and his lemon meringue backbone,
love wasn't an attack dog to him,
and when he held my hand
he meant it.

Kenneth Pobo's work can be found online at: , Three Candles , Tamafyhr Mountain Press , Southern Ocean Review , Drexel Online Journal , and elsewhere. His latest book, Introductions, is out from Pearl 's Book'Em Press in Atlanta.

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