Toshiaki Komura

One Sunny Day

One guide-lamp lights up in front of
an apartment.  Maple shadows
circumscribe the light, embrowning the rows
of windows.  It's dark-an adjective

is more anonymous than a noun, the way
it applies to both the building
and the mind looking at it.  The sky
is surreally bright, dappled clouds hanging

vapory accidentals on the canvas-
how darkness can coexist with such brightness
is the mystery.  Behind the hedges of yew,
metronomic footsteps seem to know

that light illuminates the shadow's depths,
and the shadow the light's warmth.

Toshiaki Komura received an MFA degree from Cornell University in 2002. After teaching introductory creative writing courses for two years at Cornell as a lecturer, he is presently working toward a Ph.D. in English Literature at University of Michigan, focusing on modern poetry and poetics.  His work has appeared or is accepted for publication in several literary journals (Ascent, Contemporary Rhyme, Offerings, Sycamore Review, The Same, The Storyteller, among others), and his awards include Corson-Bishop Prize (2002) and Alexander Laing Memorial Prize (1998).

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