Daniel Nygard


Always a new place
And a girl,
Never a girl and places.

Spain, Costa Bravo
Everyone else gone to the strip
Three A.M. on the beach,
Just you, the girl
The tide fishermen
In their shacks.

A wayback look.
A vacuum.

St. Vitus, Wenceslas Square
Thirty-cent beers,
Spinning dancing
On the Charles Bridge.

It gets ugly,
Here it comes and of course
“I fucked her in the youth hostel.”

The Laundromat
Drinking coffee, smoking
While clothes dry.
Spotting a new one,
In jeans with
Hourglass legs,

And before you've even
Done out with the old,
It's over to her and “Hello
My name is Mister

Daniel Nygard lives in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA. He works in the 'General' or 'Food Service' industries, goes to college when he can afford  it, and is somewhat on his way to finishing a book of poetry called "City and Town Songs." His work has also appeared in Main Channel Voices.



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