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Erin Noteboom
Can't You Just
Brady's Ghosts

Tender History

Janet Buck
The Rattling Tray
Thin Bones
Dangerous Roots

Daniel Brenner
Chachagall Hahahad
Plague Fiend
You Girl

Ben Stivers
I Didn't Write Yesterday

Ben Passikoff
Death of Orion
The Undertaker

Shane Allison

Personal Assistant
My Mama Is An Icon

David Menzies
Apartment Hunting
Sin, but roundabout

Melanie Faith
Deep Water
The Heart of Africa
Writer, Modern America

Orval Lund
Swede, Too, Once Believed
Swede, Agape
Swede Abducted by Aliens
The Logician Formerly Known

Howard Good
In Excelsius Gloria
Question & Answer

John Bryan
How they pick porn names; a challenge to Mr. Jeremy
The Maze

Chris G. Vaillancourt
And So It Goes
Taste of Cold
Yellow Feeling

Mike Estabrook

but no one was dying

Doug Tanoury
A Cubist's Still Life
Sage With Umbrella Watches The Collapse Of The Modern Age



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