Ben Stivers


Sadly, Summer
Packs her last few things
And leaves the prom
As Autumn in all her radiance
Enters through sunset's door.
There are tales that she's a frigid lover
The wisest smile
Take such young comments
In short stride remarking
You could always
Wear long johns.

I Didn't Write Yesterday

I didn’t write yesterday
Rationalization from my editor
I was tired
There was a trip
My hands were full of pain
Truth is, it never crossed
My most distracted mind
I gave it up to T.V.
To a show I never finished
Watching. I forgot all
The things my heroes
Had to say—
Until I fell asleep.

Ben Stivers is a poet and novelist, living in Louisville, KY, USA with his wife and two of his four children. In 1997, Stivers published his first book of poetry, A Thousand Lifetimes Wide. He has published 500 or so poems in various poetry magazines in the U.S. and Canada, including: Poet's Edge, Portals, Emotions Literary Journal, Maelstrom, Parnassus Literary Journal, The Burning Cloud Review, and Beauty for Ashes Poetry Review.

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