Mikey Cofer

Plum Ruby Review is excited to be featuring the works of Mikey Cofer as the featured artist for Issue 2. Cofer's photos demonstrate a unique look at the world. Her images evoke emotion, curiousity and wonder. Her eye for detail, color and light are impeccable but her composition is what really captured our attention--she notices the unusual, the seemingly uninteresting, and brings it to the foreground for the rest of the world to see. We hope that you enjoy her photography as much as we do. Please visit her gallery to experience more of her work.

Mikey Cofer spent most of her formative years in Dallas, Texas and now lives in Seattle, WA. She attended the University of North Texas where she studied Biology and Environmental Science. Cofer moved to Seattle two years ago, where she began pursuing photography. Her love for photography naturally led her to painting. She is intrigued by the movement of light and how it is perceived by each individual. Cofer strives to illustrate the simplicity of life in an all too complicated world by finding beauty in everyday items. Cofer can be reached through her Web site, Then You Discover.

To purchase prints of Cofer's images, please visit her Gallery.


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