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It's National Poetry Month

And what better way to celebrate than with a new issue of Plum Ruby Review? This is our best issue yet, featuring not only exciting poetry by the likes of
Jared Carter and Kenneth Pobo but also the imaginative artwork of A.R. Menne and Stephen Mead. Take a "trip" down memory lane with a wonderful nonfiction work by Aaron Stueve and enjoy fiction by Tom Sheehan, as well as many other fine authors and poets.

One bit of interesting Plum Ruby News is that we're now registered with the Library of Congress and easily searchable by a wide variety of library networks and other research sources.

Also, be on the lookout for the Spring issue of Bitter Oleander, which apparently will be devoted to a 92 page interview with Duane Locke and will include a large selection of his poems. Duane Locke, one of the most prolific and published poets of our time, was one of the first to grace the pages of Plum Ruby Review.

One of Plum Ruby's favorite journals, Small Spiral Notebook, is celebrating the publication of its first anthology. The book, which is now available for purchase, features several Plum Ruby contributors, including Tom Sheehan, Paul A. Toth and Janet Buck.

And do yourself a favor...really celebrate National Poetry Month and get to a reading! Support your local and visiting poets. Pick up a book of poetry by an unfamiliar name. Read a poem aloud to a friend, your lover, your children. Or find an old classic and enjoy.

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