Rane Arroyo
Rane Arroyo is the author of four books of poems, the latest being Home Movies Of Narcissus (University of Arizona Press). He has published extensively and can be read in The Massachusetts Review, Pool, The Caribbean review, The Hawaii Review and many other places. His most recent adventure was being the guest poetry editor for Heliotrope. His email is RRArroyo@aol.com or rane.arroyo@utoledo.edu. His latest project is a long poem about space aliens and illegal aliens in American imagination.

Aidan Baker
Aidan Baker is a writer and musician from Toronto, Canada. He has had two books of poetry published, Fingerspelling (Penumbra Press) and Wound Culture (Unbound Books), and has released numerous albums on various independent record labels around the world.

Liz Betz
Liz Betz lives near Vermilion, Alberta with her husband where they work in hay fields and pastures. Her fictional short stories have appeared in Green's Magazine, a 2003 anthology from Smoky Peace Press and on-line at Regina Weese.

Neil Grimmett

Neil Grimmett is English by birth but after travelling around the Greek islands, currently lives in Spain. He has had stories published by: London Magazine, Panurge, Iron, Stand, Sepia, Pretext and Ambit in the UK. In France, Paris Transcontinental; in Canada, Grain; in Australia, Quadrant; in South Africa, New Contrast; in the US, The Yale Review, DoubleTake and The Southern Review. He has also been published on the Internet with Web Del Sol, In Posse Review, Tatlin’s Tower, m.a.g., Word Riot, The Blue Moon Review, 3AM, Gangway and others. Grimmett has a story published in the anthology ‘England Calling’. A novel and collection of his short stories has just been signed by the Irene Skolnick Literary Agency in New York and Abner Stein in London. Another novel, The Bestowing Sun, was published on Oct. 1, 2003 by Flame Books.

James Keane
James Keane lives in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Although he has made his living in magazine publishing, public relations and advertising (including 15 years in New York City), Keane has been writing and rewriting his poetry since his days at Georgetown University, where he earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in English Literature. Keane is looking forward to being published in November in the online and print versions of Fresh!Literary Magazine and on the online site, Autumn Leaves, also in November. His poem "Seascape" was featured in Issue No. 72 of the Poetry Newsletter of the online UK site, All Info About Poetry.

Paul Kloppenborg

Paul Kloppenborg works as a librarian in Melbourne, Australia. He is widely published in both print and electronic journals. His first anthology (along with 6 other international poets) was published by Two Dog Press in 1998. A second anthology was published by Funky Dog Press, Detroit in 1999. Paul’s first chapbook Poetic Confectionery (2002) is available from the Canadian publisher CNV was 2002. He is Co-ListServ Administrator of The Muse.

Duane Locke
Duane Locke is a Doctor of Philosophy, English Renaissance literature and Professor Emeritus of the Humanities. He was Poet in Residence at the University of Tampa for over 20 years. Locke has had over 5,034 poems published. Over 2,000 were published in print magazines, such as American Poetry Review, Nation, and Bitter Oleander. In September 1999, he became a cyber poet and added over 3,000 poems published in e-zines. Locke is the author of 14 print books of poetry, and in 2002, added 3 e-books, The Squids Dark Ink, From a Tiny Room, and The Death of Daphne. He is also a painter, having many exhibitions, his latest at the city art museum in Gainesville, Florida. Also, a photographer, Locke now has over 184 photos in e-zines. He does close-ups of trash tossed away in alleys.

Pamela MacIsaac
Pamela MacIsaac lives, writes, and tries not to breathe some days in Toronto. She has published poems and short fiction in a variety of journals, including: Jones Av., paperplates, hangdog, Another Toronto Quarterly, and The Breath.

Michelle Martinez

Michelle Martinez is from Spring, TX and is currently attending Sam Houston State University for M.A. in English. Plum Ruby Review is her first publication.

G.S. McCormick
G.S. McCormick, one of the Plum Ruby Review editors, has spent much of his life moving around. Raised in southern Idaho, he most recently relocated to Montreal after living in Shanghai for 5 years. One of these days he'll do a graduate degree. Until then, he reads, writes, works and drinks far too much.

Gordon Moyer

Gordon Moyer is a painter, poet, essayist, and historian of science living in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He has published poetry in Blue Unicorn, The Baltimore Review, Potomac Review, Babel, Xanadu, and many other literary journals. Some of Moyer's scientific and mathematical articles have appeared in Sky and Telescope, Scientific American, and Quantum. Currently, Moyer is teaching himself tensor analysis and composing a book of aphorisms. Contact him at didusineptus@aol.com.

Tisha Nemeth
Tisha Nemeth is a graduate of Boston University with a BA in Art History, currently residing in Cleveland, OH. Her poems have appeared in Peralta Press (College of Alameda, CA), RiversEdge (University of Texas, Edinburg), This Hard Wind, Art Crimes, Haz Mat Review, Curbside Review, Brutal Imagination, Poet, Taurpaulin Sky and other literary reviews. In 1997 she was selected to review her manuscript with former U.S. poet laureate, Richard Wilbur, at the Key West Writer's group in Key West, Florida. She is senior editor for CoolCleveland.com.

Michael P. Smith
Born in Spokane, Washington on September 21, 1962, Michael P. Smith is the third of four children. The early death of his father, a bartender and merchant marine, informed his early up bringing.

"I am not trying to control anything or anyone. I despise power-abuse and authority-seeking behavior, any form of "force"ment. I am an intense, intelligent (I think) man with little spirit for phonies, liars, manipulators, passive-aggressiveness, self-abuse, false sincerity (over-patronization), mediocrity and un-professionalism."

Since moving to Puget Sound in 1994, he has explored the streets of Seattle and been a principal participant in rhetorical art around the region.

Harding Stedler

A third-generation teacher, Harding Stedler retired from teaching at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1995 and moved to Cabot, Arkansas. He serves on the Executive Board of the Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas and is secretary of the River Market Poets in Little Rock. He has recently conducted writers' workshops for poets at the Murphin Ridge Inn in Ohio and for the Faulkner County Poets and the Poets of the Lake in Arkansas. His most recent collection is titled When August Spoke of Buggy Wheels and is available from the author.


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