Gordon Moyer
Congeries of Autumn
      Featured Painting: Fire Hydrant

Harding Stedler
That Will Teach Him
My Poem for Today

James Keane
Killing a Frog

Rane Arroyo

A Heartbreaker by Accident
Loteria (someone has to win it)

Paul Kloppenborg
Hart Crane

Michelle Martinez
Cory Wright
Feng Shui
Hate Mail from the Grave

Michael P. Smith
Assemblage #3

Tisha Nemeth

Duane Locke
The Moths Have Eaten Holes in My Orange White Striped Suit
The Night When A Carnival Was Two Blocks From My House
All the Letters I Send Myself Come Back Stamped "Person Unknown"
The Courthouse Records Say I Was Stillborn
The Day When the Familiar in My Life Changed

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