The Plum Ruby Review is an online literary arts journal highlighting both emerging and established writers and artists. The journal is now published quarterly. Submissions are accepted year round. Unfortunately, there is no remuneration.

The Plum Ruby Review is a showcase for unpublished fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art. We are delighted by pieces that are vivid, imaginative, fresh and accessible.

Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction Editors

G.S. McCormick
(greg AT

G.S. McCormick has spent much of his life moving around. Raised in southern Idaho, he most recently relocated to Montreal after living in Shanghai for 5 years. Lately he studies, reads, writes, works and drinks far too much.

Crystal King
(crystal AT

Crystal King is often cold. She resides in Boston which doesn't help her cold situation. She once sold knives for a living. A Pushcart nominee and a working writer, she is in the midst of generating a novel and developing a book on creativity strategies for advanced writers.

Art Editor

Joseph Doucette
(joe AT

Joseph Doucette was trained at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston as a two-dimensional artist but found that his work eventually moved off of paper and into the third dimension. In addition to his art, which has been shown at many fine galleries including Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, he is a wine expert and baseball afficionado.

Multimedia Maven

Angela Walton
(angela AT

Angela Walton was a military brat and moved a lot. She went to school in Rochester, NY on a Bausch & Lomb science scholarship but used it for a studio art degree.  Angela believes that creativity is one of THE most important tools anyone can ever use in life. She still wants to wear a white lab coat and find a cure for AIDS. Currently, Angela is a freelance graphic artist and marketing specialist in Atlanta, GA.


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