The Plum Ruby Review is a nonprofit online literary arts journal highlighting both emerging and established writers and artists.

The journal is now being published quarterly.

Submissions are accepted year round. Unfortunately, there is no remuneration.


Please read ALL guidelines before submitting your work.

For all submissions:

Plum Ruby Review accepts unpublished work only.

Plum Ruby Review ONLY accepts email submissions--please do not send hardcopy submissions. They will not be returned or read.

Only one submission at a time, please (in other words, don't submit again until we contact you regarding your previous submission).

Simultaneous submissions must be clearly noted.

Notification takes approximately 1-3 months depending on volume. If, by that time, you do not receive a response, an email asking for status is acceptable.


The Plum Ruby Review acquires exclusive first-time Internet rights on unpublished work (this does not include works on the author's personal Web site (unless it's very heavily trafficked or commercialized) or pieces that have been workshopped online). Works will also be archived online. All other rights, including opportunity to publish in print form, revert to the artist after the issue is released. Should you decide to republish your piece elsewhere, we ask that you cite The Plum Ruby Review as a place of previous publication and provide a link back to our Web site.
If accepted, please wait at least six months before submitting new work.

The Plum Ruby Review also retains the right to publish your piece in any subsequent issue or anthology, whether in print or online, without additional payment. If such an anthology is decided, we will notify you of its printing if you keep us updated with a current email address.


Please include with your submission a BRIEF bio, indicating your first and last name (no screen names or pseudonyms please), city and country of residence and any other publications (including on-line publications) in which you have been printed. We may edit bios for brevity and better web formatting. If you would like readers to be able to contact you personally, please indicate this in your bio with a line including your email address.

We send notification via email, so please make sure your email address (the one to which you would like us to send notification) is clearly indicated and current. If your email changes during the time between your submission and our response, notify us immediately. A bounced email is synonymous with a rejected submission.

The Plum Ruby Review protects the privacy of its contributors by not distributing personal email addresses unless given permission for posting as part of the author's online biography.

We are currently receiving submissions in the following areas:


We are open to a wide variety of poetry, ranging from free verse, experimental, to classical forms. Send 4-6 poems per submission, please. Submit your poems in the body of an email (NO ATTACHMENTS) to: submissions AT plumrubyreview DOT com. Make sure you include the words SUBMISSION-POETRY: (title of your piece) in the subject header.

We are receptive to a wide variety of fiction. Please do not include more than one story, no longer than 7,000 words, at a time. Submit your work in the body of an email (NO ATTACHMENTS) to: submissions AT plumrubyreview DOT com. Make sure you include the words SUBMISSION-FICTION: (title of your piece) in the subject header. We often prefer pieces which are character-based rather than plot-based.


We are looking for interesting memoirs, travel pieces, and other forms of thoughtful, open-minded creative non-fiction and personal essays of up to 7,000 words. Please, only one piece at a time. Submit your work in the body of an email (NO ATTACHMENTS) to:
submissions AT plumrubyreview DOT com
Make sure you include the words SUBMISSION-NONFICTION: (title of your piece) in the subject header.

If developing a piece in which you need to cite references, please make sure that they are clearly noted and accurate.

We may feature artists on our opening page and throughout the magazine. We are open to a wide variety of artwork, ranging from photography, paintings, sculpture, comics and more. The best way to submit art to the Plum Ruby Review is to email us a link to a web page with the specific artwork on it. When doing so, please give a description in the body of the email as to the art at the URL. If you are unable to point us to a web page, you may submit in .jpg or .gif format ONLY and not to exceed 200k. If we can't open it, it will be rejected. If emailing, you may submit between 6-8 digital photographs of your artwork for consideration. The Plum Ruby Review may consider online media submissions (Flash, Shockwave, etc.) ONLY if it is hosted elsewhere and appropriate links may be provided. Artwork submissions that follow these guidelines should be sent to: submissions AT plumrubyreview DOT com. Make sure you include the words SUBMISSION-ARTWORK: (title of your piece) in the subject header.

The email address submissions AT plumrubyreview DOT com
requires you to replace the AT with @ and DOT with .

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