rob walker


silicon pout
            scion lip out
                      I lop suction
                                  pus oil tonic
                                              copious lint
                                  Is it up colon?
                     cool it in pus
            in pious clot
I clot in soup



rob walker's  poems have appeared in diverse e-zines including Sidereality, Tryst, Poets4peace, Indie Journal, Atomic Petals, The Oracular Tree (USA), Limestone, Snakeskin and Comrades (UK) Numbat, Thylazine, The Curious Record (Aust), NZPoetsOnline, Southern Ocean Review (NZ), as well as some in traditional print form in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Rob lives on a small farm in hills east of Adelaide, South Australia. In addition to writing, rob teaches music and drama, is active in improv & community theatre  and works with a psychologist colleague in producing text and music for clients suffering anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s also recently recorded the text and music of a unique relaxation/ visualization CD “take 5”. He regularly performs his poetry at Adelaide’s famous “Friendly Street Poets.”


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