Michael Tino

Michael Tino is Plum Ruby Review's featured artist for Issue Four. Tino's work draws heavily on influences from the abstract expressionist movement from the 1950's. When viewing his paintings and drawings, one can not help but to think of the old masters of the mid-20th century, artists such as Cy Twombly and Willem de Kooning. His work, although non-representational, draws the viewer into his personal realm, evoking broad emotions and ideas. Tino's abstract compositions are a strong complement to the vibrant and exciting poetry and fiction that grace the pages of this month's Plum Ruby Review.

ALL DAY ZERO, 2003, acrylic, china marker, marker and pastel on paper. 13.75x11 in.


Michael Tino
finds himself equally bewildered and amazed by modern society and transfixed with the idiosyncrasies, vicissitudes, ambiguities and contradictions of humanity. This, coupled with a keen and relentless perceptiveness, is the foundation of his muse. It forms a tapestry woven of the desire to depict love, hate and everything between. Tino's work is about feelings and emotions. By tapping into the profoundly personal, he is able to convey the universal. Tino currently lives and works in San Francisco . He has been drawing and painting for nearly 5 years and has participated in numerous shows including: Aug. 2000 Club Six, San Francisco; May 2002 'MELT' The Art Explosion, San Francisco; ArtSF 2nd Anniversary Party (November, 2002) SOMARTS; Feb-March 2002, Works showcased at Ebert Gallery, 49 Geary St. San Francisco. Additionally, Tino was also a featured artist at Kadzoo.
To view Michael Tino's works or to purchase his art, please visit his Web site, www.michaeltino.com.


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