Bob Herdlein

 20"x20" 2002, a/c

"St. Jerome"
 14"x 11" 2001

"Beliard Garden"
48"x 36 " 2002"


Bob Herdlein lives in Derry, New Hampshire. While currently working primarily on paintings, in his past his exhibited work includes sculpture, installations, photography, a project for PBS, and public art, primarily in the US Northwest. Herdlein has had around 45 gallery exhibitions including The Henry Gallery at The University of Washington, The Tacoma (Washington) Art Museum and The Bellevue (Washington) Art Museum. Work in collections throughout the United States. Gallery
affiliations have included the Davidson Gallery-Seattle, Cliff Michel Gallery-Seattle, and the Jamison/Thomas Gallery-Portland, OR.
To see more of his paintings or to purchase his work, please visit his Web site.


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