Ace Boggess
Ace Boggess
of Huntington, WV, is author of one book of poem, THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL WHOSE WISH WAS NOT FULFILLED, published in 2003 by Highwire Press, and several unpublished literary novels currently being shopped to editors.  His poems have appeared in Harvard Review, Notre Dame Review, Poetry East, Blue Mesa Review, Atlanta Review and similar journals.  Currently he is promoting his new CD featuring 13 original songs, many of which can be found on the web as free mp3s: or

Kristy Bowen
Kristy Bowen's work has appeared in a number of publications, including Small Spiral Notebook, Stirring, and Poems Niederngasse. She is the author of two chapbooks , Bloody Mary and The Archaeologist's Daughter , and a hypertext collection, lattitudes . A two-time Pushcart nominee, Bowen was recently awarded first place in The Poetry Center of Chicago's 10th Annual Juried Reading Competition. She lives in Chicago , where she edits the online journal Wicked Alice , and is the founder of Dancing Girl Press , devoted to publishing work by women poets. More of her work may be seen at:

C.E. Chaffin
C. E. Chaffin edits the Melic Review, , and teaches a one-on-one intensive online poetry tutorial for a fee. Widely published in web and print, he has two books to his credit-- both unfortunately out of print. His work was most recently featured at Tryst. Meanwhile he continues his essays on T. S. Eliot at Melic. The most recent, in the August issue, discusses "Ash Wednesday." CE may be contacted at

Bill Dunlap
Bill Dunlap is a painter and illustrator living, working, and paying his own health insurance (barely) in San Francisco. His illustrations have appeared on magazine covers across the nation, and he has even been known to sell a painting on occasion. Have a look:

Zdravka Evtimova
Zdravka Evtimova lives in Bulgaria, Europe. Her short stories have been published in the USA (Antioch Review, Mississippi Review online, In Posse Review, the anthology The Best Fiction of Eclectica), UK (Quality Women's Fiction, The Dreamcatcher.), Canada (Filling Station magazine , Lichen), Australia (Going Down Swinging Literary Magazine), Germany, France, Russia, India, Czech Republic, Poland and Serbia. Two of her short stories have been broadcast on Radio BBC, UK.

Richard Fein
Richard Fein has been published in many web and print journals. He has two personal web sites on which you can view his poetry and photography.

Wendy Helena Harris
Wendy Helena Harris is a teacher and writer from Washington DC. Many of her poems and stories are derived from her travels around the world. The Plum Ruby Review is honored to be Wendy's first publication.

Gwen A. Jadwin
Gwen A. Jadwin is a mother to a beautiful two-year old. She received an MA in English with a certification in Creative Writing (poetry) from Binghamton University. She currently teaches writing at Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York (USA). Most recently, her work appears online in LiteraryMama. She can be reached at

Jake Lenahan
Jake Lenahan is a self employed artist who lives in Austin TX, where he received a printmaking degree at the University of Texas. Since his debut as editor of the Blair Academy literary magazine, Between the Lines, he has remained an unpublished and untapped well of prose and poetry.

Anthony Liccione
Anthony Liccione has been writing poetry for 12 years. His poetry has appeared in: Melting Trees Review, Taj Mahal Review, Foliate Oak Online, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Scrivener's Pen and other publications. Poetry is scheduled to appear in The Stump, Meeting of the Minds Journal, Words Dance, The Surface, HazMat Review, Liquid Muse Quarterly, The Real Eight View and a Pushcart Nomination set for November 2004.

Carrie-Teresa Maison
Carrie-Teresa Maison is currently a graduate student in the English program at George Mason University, and she has enjoyed poetry since the age of twelve. She currently lives with my husband in Clifton, Virginia. Her poems have appeared in several publications, including: The Fairfield Review, Poetry Depth Quarterly, and The George Mason Review.

Simon Owens
Simon Owens has sold short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry to over thirty magazines and anthologies, incl
uding Irregular Quarterly and Pine Magazine.

Robert Reece
Robert Reece currently works as a screenwriter and has written projects for Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Paramount as well as the screenplay for the independent film A Fare To Remember.  When he's not getting his teeth kicked in by studio executives, Robert continues to write short fiction and poetry as he has since he was a kid. 

Amy Rice
Most of Amy Rice's work is created using spray paint and large plastic stencils that she designs and cuts herself. Often 3-4 different layers (each layer representing a different color) are needed to complete an image. She will sometimes cut a stencil of just an outline of an image and use watercolors, acrylics or house paint to color it in. Although this medium is basically a form of printmaking, she finds that she has the freedom to experiment with color, surface texture, and grouping of objects and thus mood and tone, making each piece unique. As an art instructor/advocate for adults with severe and persistent mental illness, Amy is a true believer in the powerful healing tool that art can be. Last year she wrote a grant for a website, Art Works At Spectrum, to display and promote their visual artwork (as well as to displace stigma associated with mental illness). She is inspired in her life and art by the struggles and successes of her clients. Amy is additionally inspired by the urban community in which she lives, childhood toys, vintage botanical prints, her dog Ella, bicycles, street art, and random found objects, collective endeavors that challenge hierarchy, acts of compassion, downright silliness and things with wings. To learn more about Amy, please visit her website,

Terry Rentzepis
A year ago, Terry Rentzepis was chest-deep in the corporate world, thriving on long hours, bad bosses and stress! Then, a severe back injury forced him into surgery and out of the rat race. Terry is a life-long doodler. His wife, in an attempt to keep both of them sane during the long recovery bought Terry a canvas and some paints. His mediums of choice are acrylic on canvas and ink on paper. Terry's website is

Jefre Schmitz
Jefre Schmitz has been attempting to write serious fiction since 2001. He credits Flannery O'Connor and Cormac McCarthy as his most significant influences. He has been published online with Scriveners Pen, Judas E-Zine and Kudzu Monthly. He can be reached at

Dan Schneider
To see more of Dan Schneider's work, please visit:

Ernest Williamson III
Ernest Williamson III has a B.A. in Creative Writing and an M.A. in English from The University of Memphis. His publication credits include: Electric Acorn, The Canopic Jar, Entropic Desires, The Makakta, Scribble, Ariga Magazine, Subjective Substance, Adagio Verse Quarterly, The Oracular Tree, Poetry Webring Review, Moonwort Review (July-August), The Muse Apprentice Guild (July), among others. He is also a self-taught painter and composer.


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