Tasha Klein

enlightened by dope

content but falling short of the Divine
viewing topic: desperate & horny
pussies burning in clusters
we almost doze upon the thought


boy soldiers
whip her flank
with silky rods
mouths run wild
doll baby slit cunt & gash


later in the nite:
demystify, exploit.

his face was pale & pinched

can i touch it?

cubed like
the heart
still beat.

Tasha Klein is a receptionist at a retirement facility in the Chicago area. She lives with a fat cat named, Esquire and a fish named, HookedOnGrass III. Some of her publications include: 3rd Muse Poetry Journal, 2River View, The Adirondack Review, Eclectica Magazine, The Green Tricycle, Gumball Poetry, Locust Magazine, the muse apprentice guild, Poetry Super Highway, The Rose & Thorn, Pig Iron Malt, Shampoo, Southern Ocean Review, Steel Point Quarterly and Stirring, among many others.


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